Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Women Power

Surprise! I’m not going to write about the contribution of fairer sex in fighting the Blog Block here. But I am feeling like a protagonist from Rang De Basanti just being mentioned here, which was due to the timely help from a witty lady. Oops, I wrote the thing that I had said I won’t write about.

Actually, I found an interesting study titled More Disabled Kids Live With Single Women . This study is US-centric. It got me thinking that if such a study is conducted in India it will derive somewhat same results. We may be proud of our stable family/social structure that supposedly is good for the children.

But, when it comes to raising a disabled child, I have found that initially it is the courage of the mother that makes the difference. This trend is prevalent among all sections of society. The extended family may or may not come along depending on the success she achieves in her task. But she keeps on fighting her battle till the end as did the Rani of Jhansi.

How I wish that our social scientists would carry out studies about women that defy the conventional Tulsi/Parvati image of a typical housewife in India and give us the reasons behind their courageous defiance.

P.S. If there is difficulty in opening the above link, try this New York Times link (free registration required).


JamesBright said...

Dear Paresh,
Sorry for being late in commenting.
Raising a child is always difficult for any family. And if the child is a disabled one, then the difficulties are going to be doubled or trebled.
In the UK, families will receive lots of support from the government if they have disabled children. But not many countries have this facility.
Nice and thought provoking article.
I expect more of these kinds from you again.
Take care.

Velu Nair said...

I hv come across quite a few studies on disabilities ~ mainly on mental disabilties though.

And yes, as James said, thought provoking, indeed!

Alexis Leon said...

Nice post Paresh. It seems the ban is lifted as I accessed the site without any problems.

You are very right about the courage and determination of many moms (and dads) that made a lot of difference in the lives of their kids. I salute those magnificent women for their love and courage

Gaurav Jain said...

wishing you a happy independence day!

Velu Nair said...



monsoon-dreams said...

hi paresh,
what u have written is 100% true.what i feel is,if the kid is normal,both parents share the responsibility.but when it comes to a disabled child,its almost always the mother who is the sole carer.i know it so well coz i too have one.

monsoon-dreams said...

hi paresh,
thanks for ur comments on my blog,paresh.after going thru ur blogs u have become my inspiration to see life positively.have a great day!

Ash said...

Hi Paresh...
Genrally speaking (this is my view) irrespective of being single/married/housewife/careerminded it is the woman who takes care of the kids - disabled or able. No surprises there.

why such studies not conducted in India..well our country's thinking hasn't reached such levels. we are still majorly trapped with or neighbours or controversies and scams and Nris..
if someone does bring it up it is a challenge to make it approved and read widely ....sponsership ..

too many words and thoughts i guess!!

monsoon-dreams said...

more posts,please paresh.