Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Winning Matters

While watching Chak De India last night a thought crossed my mind that to build a strong team you have show results and guarantee a degree of success. It is a chicken or an egg kind of situation; you can say that to achieve success you need a strong team, but, the opposite may also be equally true. A strong leadership is required in both the scenarios as a power to guide the talent of the team in the right direction.

With the adulation that this film has got, I feared that I’d feel disappointed when I actually get see it. But, my fears were unfounded as I really enjoyed watching it.

But still there is a bit of disappointment because I haven’t learnt computer programming as Jaideep Sahni, which he claims has helped him being a scriptwriter. Instead I have invested money in Syd Field’s book and trying to revive a few story ideas languishing in my harddisk.


Velu said...

besties with the screen writing bud!
u rock!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paresh,

Await the script in visual form!!


monsoon-dreams said...

hi paresh,
may ur dream come true.

harimohan said...

dear paresh
hope your drem becomes a reality ,i would love to watch a film created by you one day

Anonymous said...

Paresh, my friend,
better screen players were in the field before computer engineer Jai deep Sahni came in to the field.:) and many good and even better than him will always be there who even dont know how to operate a computer let alone programming.
Did you like very much CDI?
Why every film where a main stream super star plays his character in ordinary manner becomes wonderful?
Was screen play so effective? Was it not slogan based screen play where films play with the emotions of audience?
Only thing they played quite cleverly but its same dish in different plate.
I persoanlly felt director's execution was more able than screen play material he got.
When you are revealing your screen play ?
Do it soon.:)
That will be better than Jaideep's screen play.
All the best

prema manmadhan said...

Hi Paresh,
Yes write the script. First put yourself in the viewer's place and listen to dialogues in real life. Then decide the plot and write it in stages, so tyhat the last part must be as good as your first part. Invest time, thouight and care and your script will be the best!!

Alexis said...

Don't give the computer programming excuse not to write the script. Only once you finish you will know whether it is good or bad. May be not even then.

As somebody has pointed out, there were good scripts and writers before programmers came along. JS is good because he has talent and because he is a programmer. If that was a case, I would have become a script writer :-)

So take Prema's advice and start writing. Wishing you all the very best.

Dilip said...

i watched the movie and it rocks the roof! too good!

Anonymous said...

dear paresh
ur wish will fulfilled & i pray for u..

Anonymous said...

dear paresh..
Ur wish will fulfill & i will pray for you

monsoon-dreams said...

please complete the two short stories that u have started writing.
march 3rd, 2008

Martin Morgan said...

theres a lot of difference between movie and reality

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