Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Write Something

Write something; is your plea, a request or a command.

But the emotions don’t allow my mind to express them in words.

To say how much is my love for you.

Or showing how precious you are for my soul.

Making me doubt whether I deserve the affection you shower on me.


monsoon-dreams said...

hi paresh,
i was wondering why there was no new post in ur blog.hope u r fine.awaiting more posts(and revelations)

haritvm said...

hi paresh,
I am here b'coz of the article in mathrubhoomi.And i found that the url in the daily was wrong and i searched it .


Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh,
I have seen your article in Mathrubhumi. I dont want write more about that,just wanted to say that i have stopped searching for role model in My life.
we always used to discuss about ur Malayalam film reviews in www.forumkerala.com. There were people who used scourge on ur reviews. There were also people who used purge on reviews. All there are quite glad to know more about you.
all the very best paresh and I hope all your dreams come true.


Anonymous said...

Coming from Monsoon Dreams ... you have there a great friend and certainly have here a very nice blog.
Well done, man!

Mushi said...

The words that etch into the blogpage and papers are more than just the twists and turns of a ink.

They express more than what many call stories or poems.

The words we write express emotion, life and at times that feeling of being enlightened.

Hey Paresh...No matter what thy write or scribble, your words make one yearn for more.

Beautiful my friend beautiful!!

Jeevan said...

you are wonderful in what you are doing. Congrats Paresh :)

came through monsoon dreams.

Cathrine said...

beautiful :)