Thursday, April 09, 2009


Flippant moments
Intense moments
Shared moments
With hands held
Lonely moments
Wishing for companionship
Lived moments
Unlived moments
Never realised Life just passed by
With those cherished moments


Little Girl Lost said...

i hope you don't have too many unlived moments... what a lovely poem to read early in the morning

Alexis said...

Excellent poem. You should write more. Simple but thought provoking and elegant.

Anonymous said...

And life is the total sum of different moments.
Good poem Paresh.

Write more and share.



Anonymous said...

Liked this!

Amrita said...

Good poem Paresh.

Well expressed thoughts

Sadasiv Swain said...

Blemished moments
Reprimanded moments
Untrusted moments
These and many more probably comprised yur "Unlived moments'

Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh,
In the old days they said it was the power of the pen.... I would say now it is the power of the written word...with a pen or typed!!!

Love the style...You have used "the power of the words really well"

Keep writing!

Best wishes,

Ash said...

Beautiful, insightful and extremely moving!