Monday, March 08, 2010

Hey Ram!

Hey Ram!

Was it a grunt as the Mahatma struggled to catch His breath?

Or was He seeking a ticket to heaven in His final moment?

Can’t be sure of that.

But, when my sexagenarian mother utters these words,

While making an effort to carry me as a baby,

They do echo as death knell in my ears.


PS. Happy Women's Day.


Shefali Arvind said...

PP bhai,

The churning of your heart can be felt in your words.

Lost for words to comment on this one.

Your depth is deeper than The Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean!

Ferreira-Pinto said...

You have a heart as big as the Himalyan mountains!

Hemjit Bharathan said...

Words fail...........

Jainy Lazar said...

Ma Thuje Salam!

I do understand the fathom of your thoughts.
For some, the umbilical cord is never cut.
Even death cannot separate the bond.
Let’s enjoy every beat of life when it is there.
And do not be sad...

Amrita said...

Your mother affirms her trust in God....don 't be alarmed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Paresh,

First...loved your style of writing as always!!

Much as I understand your deep feelings... I agree totally with Amritha who has commented on this page too!!

Take care and keep smiling......sorry...GRINNING!! :)