Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bell Bajao

For the last few days news of domestic violence is clamouring of space along with humongous scams, illegal detention of a minor rape victim, sky rocketing prices of essentials commodities and numerous other worthy things in the media just because it happened in a foreign land and involves one of our high ranking Diplomats.

Normally domestic violence is just a topic of gossip among the neighbours; what I could make out was that she didn't allow him to sleep with her as he was stinkingly drunk or she didn't serve food for his ailing mother or the curry she made was not of his liking and accept fallen in the toilet as an excuse with a wry smile when we see a mutilated face. Even immediate family would wash off their hands saying it is a matter between the couple and we don't like to interfere in their private life.

How I wish there was a 911 kind of service to help not only women but kids too against such violence.

And, the law will remain useless if not impotent unless there is a change in attitude.

Sometime back there was high visibility campaign named Bell Bajao with TV commercials prompting people to non-intrusively halt acts of such violence just by ringing the doorbell. Wonder why they have stopped appearing.


harimohan said...

tks paresh for choosing a topic usually ignored but highly prevalent
wonder how people can abuse defenceless loved ones !

Muthu said...

Thumbs up Paresh....no diplomatic immunity here!! Very simple yet hits home......

monsoon dreams said...

Y'know.Do I say more!
This post touched me deep,Paresh.Thanks

Breakthrough said...

Dear Paresh.

Greetings from Breakthrough, the non profit org. whose major campaign is Bell Bajao!

We had run these ad campaigns courtesy the Government who did it pro bono for us. As a non-profit, I'm sure you understand that we don't have enough resources to pay TV channels to run our ad campaigns and we're trying to engage, appeal and partner with key stakeholders to increase the visibility of our campaigns in all media outlets.

Nevertheless, we're happy to know the feedback and impact of our ad campaign. Thank you for featuring us on your blog and we'd love for you to post on our blog too!

Write to us at bell_bajao@breakthrough.tv.
- The Breakthrough Team

Amrita said...

This is th e stink of our society - violence against paople who are closet to you.

The Banda rape case and even the diplomat in London is so disgusting even to read about.Don 't know how the vistims will face the future.

This awareness through TV ads is a good begining - at people know what to do.

Like the neighbour taking a video of the couple beating a house servant in Delhi.

Jainy Lazar said...

"All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing." – Edmund Burke

Let's all be good men/women and ring the bell.

TME said...

Bell Bajao- Creative, simple and great message for us, just ring the bell.