Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Heart choked

Not letting any air pass through

Eyes stoned

Not letting out even a tear-drop

Sweat welling up around every pore of the body

Waiting for the soul to let out a cry


Amrita said...

I have felt this way too Paresh. Very well expressed

Alexis said...

Nice poem Paresh. Very touching and moving...

Muthu said...

Paresh, you have just communicated the need of my soul!! Bless you....

nilu said...

Good poem with sad emotions, written so well paro

My Thoughts and I said...

Allow that air to pass through.
Cry your eyes out.
Sweat it out,
And let your soul heal.
All is well....

TME said...

Cry it out and deviate your thoughts....Peaceful day to you...!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paresh,

You have used words...subtley and in a measured dose...yet powerfully!!!

Absolutely great!!

Keep going...all the best..

S said...

Where did my comment go!!!!
And it was such a gem too!

Oh well! Hope you're breathing easy now.
Stoned huh?...now! now! If you continue in this manner, of course you're gonna be stoned! ;) Kidding!

On a serious note, do give in to a long cry. While it may not make the problem go away, for some reason it makes things feel a little more bearable!

Take care.

TME said...

Thanks for the note, Paresh. I was wondering where did my comment go. Happy writing to you...!

Vaidya_Vaakya said...

Itne saare pee gaya,
ek aur ghoont pee ja,
shayad kisi din
samandar sookh jaaye.