Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walking in the rain (figuratively)

    The incessant rains in mid-September is a strange phenomenon, especially these days when a drizzle for a few minutes in June-July at the peak of monsoon season is considered lucky. I've no problem with rains as such (the romantic notions don't work for me though), but I tend to feel physically weak when it rains.

    A few days back I and pa went for a movie in the renovated Sui Theatre rechristened as EVM  Cinema that is hardly ten minutes walk from home. We reached there comfortably at 8.30 PM walking (me pushed on the wheelchair) for the Nine o’clock show. The fun started when the show got over. When we got down to the wheelchair, the crowd hadn't moved, everyone was standing in shelter. It didn't take us long to realise that it was raining. After a couple of minutes pa ventured out with a hanky on his head to find an auto-rickshaw with a carrier on the top to put the wheelchair and returned empty handed (our side of city goes to sleep around 10 PM) after ten minutes. He said; 'we better start walking Beta, hope you don't mind braving a little rain'. He was concerned about my deadline of next morning to submit the review.

    It wasn't pouring but it was surely more than a drizzle. Our clothes wet within no time. We had a bunch of boys walking ahead of us for company (normally it is a few mongrels who accompany us on such jaunts, today they had vanished maybe because they hated getting free bath).

    The showers had virtually stopped when we had covered almost eighty percent of the distance; 'God was just testing us', pa uttered. 'And, given me something to write about'. I replied.

    Even three years ago I'd have sneezed and shivered my way to bed if I got this wet in rains. Which means I have got physically stronger or is it that my mind has stopped caring about what happens to me externally?

PS. One advantage of being a wannabe writer is that whether you are depressed or ecstatic, the observer in you is calmly thinking 'how do I convert this experience into words?'

PPS. While preparing this post a quote fell into my lap courtesy A Word A Day:

A writer -- and, I believe, generally all persons -- must think that whatever happens to him or her is a resource. All things have been given to us for a purpose, and an artist must feel this more intensely. All that happens to us, including our humiliations, our misfortunes, our embarrassments, all is given to us as raw material, as clay, so that we may shape our art. -Jorge Luis Borges, writer (1899-1986)


Ahmed Sidhique said...

I just Read this, BTW Where is this theater? I havent heard of it. But Seriously, Its a great piece! Got the feel of the emotional you wanted to portray. And Yes, Writers always think how to convert events into words! You Converted yours Beautifully! God Speed

Tme said...

Beautiful....Paresh....I haven't got the time to sit and read the earlier post...I will but I enjoyed this one throughly....Always something from the heart gets through the readers like me.....Keep on writing.....

monsoon dreams said...

i remember you telling me about the rain on that day.and i'm glad to see how it has transformed into a wonderful post.

Alexis said...

'Wheeling' in the rain. I have not tried that yet. But glad that you were able to do that :-)

Increased physical strength or uncaring mind, either case is a blessing and as to topic to write about, I quite agree with you.

And the quote, nice one.
Keep writing...

Anonymous said...

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Amrita said...

What a lovely experience Paresh and you 've written so skillfully - you have the talent, keep sharpening it.

I don' t mind wandering around in a light shower, its the sloshing in muddy water which worries me.

Trust the movie was good. Your father is an extra ordinary Dad.

Ash said...

Beautiful writing, Paresh