Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Day When Jagjit Singh Did Playback For Me

We often feel exasperated when a writer or a filmmaker overly depends on coincidences to move his story forward thinking how lazy of him to use a 'beaten to death' cliché rather than working out something natural or new. But, if we see minutely; the one who has written our lives is the laziest of them all, he uses coincidences that go on to become cliché when used by us in fiction. Here is one such incident:

Long back when I wasn't this bald and my beard was black pepper without even a crystal of salt in it. I was sitting here reading and waiting for my dinner to come. The cassette-player was soulfully playing Seher, the latest addition in my Jagjit Singh Collection.

But, before the dinner, she came that too with a red rose in her hand; “don't get any ideas in your head, this may be the last birthday I'm here to wish you in person. So, felt odd coming empty handed”, she said, handing me the rose. I held it near my nose as Dilip Kumar of Mughal-E-Azam.

At that precise moment Jagjit Singh started singing Tere Aane Ki Jab Khabar Mahke/Teri Kushboo se Sara Ghar Mahke (When the news of your arrival wafts through the air/My whole house becomes fragrant with your scent).

I started to lip-synch him as if I was Naseeruddin Shah. After a few moments she just said trying to keep a straight face; “please save your singing and acting skills for the time when you have a real girlfriend”.

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monsoon dreams said...


Thulasy Mary Elizabeth said...

I enjoyed that the way who is the one who made you sing?

Anonymous said...


First...we will all miss Jagjit Singh...but he has given us so much to remember him by...

Loved your written piece as well... curious????

Keep us informed!!! entertained...and educated with your good writing...

All the best..

Amrita said...

Real cool Paresh.

IU am a fan of Jagjit and have lots of his tapes . Sajda with Lata Mangeshkar is the best.

I am saddened by his demise. Tiger Pataudi' s too

Ash said...

Beautiful writing, Paresh. Jagjit Singh will be deeply missed.

Kiran said...

Best Jagjit Singh Ghazal Tum Itna Jo Muskura Rahe Ho watch here