Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Surviving in the daily life

Sometimes while trying to survive in your daily life you tend to miss out noticing what big transformations you have been through over the years. Last Sunday I happened to spend a few hours with two college boys (they may become filmmakers or writers in the future,who knows).  In between the conversation I asked one of them the year of his birth, 1994 he said. His reply made me  wonder aloud 'what was I doing in 94?' I was 22 then, had just joined the Degree Course (or was it my 2nd year?), wishing to make my life worthwhile. But, whatever I'm doing today seemed like impossible dreams at that time.

On Monday, I received a message from a friend saying that 2012 also passed in a jiffy, his son became 8 years old and daughter 4 years old. It made me realise that I’d no such scale to measure my own ageing (even though I'm for almost 15 years now and writing for at least 12 years). So, I feel mentally stuck in my teens or early 20s believing that life is yet to begin.

This video taken in the early 90s further shows the transformation in the physical world as well, these days PCs don't have floppy drives as floppies have become extinct and PCs have began to be replaced by laptops or tabs.

So, looking back can be fun sometimes.


snowflake said...

mentally being stuck at an age isnot because of lack of's just because your mind is still active and creative and resists being run-of the mill type.and that's what makes you's not your physical disabilities that make people take notice of you,but your inspiring mind,cheerful face and yeah,the fighting spirit(you are good at fighting in real too :-) )

snowflake said...

paresh, this is me, Neena

Alexis said...

It is a nice thing to be stuck mentally in your teens. I am stuck at 27 :-) BTW nice video. You have a beautiful smile. Keep smiling...

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Paresh what a beautiful way to usher in the new year. This are truly the best thoughts I have received for the new year-honestly!!

It has brought out your creative abilities, and how wonderful to be able to see the impish smile:). Congrats for posting this and may you forever remain 12 or 15!!

Age is a construct of the mind!! The moment we feel older we grow old mentally; and that is worse than physical ageing!!

So happy you had this video clip!! - most people have photographs...but the video shares something more than that!!

Wishing you and your family the very best in 2013.

Best wishes always,

Thulasy Mary Elizabeth said...

Great Paresh.....Happy New Year...!