Sunday, August 17, 2014

Don't Suffer

Let the silence in your soul prevail

if it is giving you peace.

And, if the chaos inside is choking you

just blurt out.

Don't suffer.

These lines are playing in my mind for the last few days in a formless way, I couldn't do anything better with them, so just put them down as they came. Maybe it is the result of reading too much about Robin Williams' death.


Alexis said...

Dear Paresh,
Nicely written... So true.
Robin Williams...very sad.

Anonymous said...

Very well said Paresh...

Best wishes..

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it's better to make peace with the chaos. Sometimes blurting things out, leads to even greater loss....

nadira said...

Yes..don't suffer. Talking about it when the chaos begins to choke helps just not us, I have always felt , but others as well , who may be going through the same or worse phases and find solace in the expressions of their distress through someone else.