Monday, September 15, 2014

A Blade of Grass

No widespread roots, shoots or even leaves.

No erect trunk or branches that can bear fruits.

No shrub can flourish in my shade.

Being just a blade of grass.

That can be crushed by a tiny feet.


anjana_sunil said...

Too negative. But what splendid expression and don't forget elementary existance learned in class4 food chain starts from grass ie :foundation

TME said...

Beautiful thought on something which goes unseen mostly.
Belated Happy Onam, Paresh...!

Anonymous said...

All of us are mere dots or specks in the larger space of the Universe... so size is relative...

Agree with Anjana... without the blade of grass the whole food chain would be destroyed...

Plus the blade of grass harbours / is host to so many species not visible to the eye...

Am reminded of the movie "Honey I shrunk the Kids"... or even Alice in Wonderland!!!

So that's something to think about eh???
Best wishes... SN

Anonymous said...

Have you ever smelled the fragrance of freshly cut/crushed grass?! Heavenly!!!

Oh! You omitted to mention the dog poo and the bird droppings that poor blade of grass has to endure too!!!