Saturday, January 14, 2006

Three Mediocre Poems

I wrote these poems between late-teens and mid-twenties. An age when everyone feels that what one is going through are the most original things that no one else before him has experienced or will experience in future. I wonder if I was bit late in going through such a phase in life, as everything else happened a bit late in my life then it is supposed to be. In the those days there was a heady cocktail of Ghazals of Pankaj Udhas, Jagjit Singh etc. and literature and discourses of Osho pushing me. Above all, I was buoyed by the fact that a couple of my ‘Letters to the Editor’ and a couple of amateur film reviews had been published in newspapers and magazines.

Your Eyes

Your deep brown eyes

The depiction of truth and honesty

Whenever they look into me

They reach the depth of my soul

And come out with treasures hidden in it

I feel like a fool

Searching for words

To describe Creator’s creativity

But I need steam of words

For the feelings boiling in the kettle of my heart.


There is corner in my heart

Which I keep as a locker

To store my past

Its memories sweet and sour and bitter

Present a kaleidoscopic picture of my past

And tell me how well I fared with my lot

The way memories dominate my mind

It helps me to run away from ambiguity of my future.


Dreams are lost with the sweet slumber.

Wishes are buried deep inside the heart.

The vulnerability to love,

The courage to hate,

Is lost.

Hopes for the future,

Memories of the past,

Are lost as I pass through the present.

Futility of existence pierces the soul.

Now I wish my life to be lost in the oblivion of eternity.


Alexis Leon said...

Nice photo. Cool with the dark glasses.

Excellent poems. I think you should write more. " describe Creator's creativity" nice word play.

JamesBright said...

Alex is right.
You should write more. Try and express whatever you feel..!
My best wishes and we are looking to see more from you...

Yashita said...

hi, I came across ur blog thru varna's...and yes they are far from mediocre...they are beautiful,

"They reach the depth of my soul

And come out with treasures hidden in it

I feel like a fool

Searching for words"...loved it, we all have felt it at soem point in our life...

"The vulnerability to love,

The courage to hate,

Is lost"...culdn't have phrased it any better...keep writing.

Paresh Palicha said...

Thanks to all of you for the encouraging comments.

I doubt if I can write poems anymore, I feel I am emotionally dead. No strong feelings, emotions or even anger.

I used to write in Hindustani also, I used dictate it to my mother, as I found it difficult to write Hindi.

Anonymous said...

Youre absolutely right on the title.

Nilesh Singit said...

Paresh I am ur pankha (fan), I envy the way use simple language to convey the depth of your feelings.

The poem "There is corner in my heart" is something that makes me say gosh i could 've f* written it. Memories good and bad playing over and over again in my mind play tricks taking me back to my past when the need of the hour is 4get them and look 4 a better future.

keep up the good stuff, write more poems

I have started by blog.