Friday, May 11, 2007


Your words should throb with Life.

The sentences should rhyme

In a cascading rhythm.

Giving solace to the broken souls

And something to ponder for the Enlightened Ones.

A difficult task to achieve

But surely a state worth aspiring for.


Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh,
Nice poem. Did not know you are a poet as well and that too so philosophical.

keep them flowing


Alexis said...

Your words have life and your lines rhyme,
You mend broken souls with words,
And inspire the Illuminati with your life.

You are a poet and a good one, if not great,
The journey to greatness is long and hard,
The journey is important, not the destination.

Nice poem Paresh; keep penning,
Take the journey, may it inspire you,
To write many more poems…

suchitra narayan said...

Dear Paresh,

Reminds me of a poem in Malayalam called 'Vakkukal'.....not that it is alike but it is also about the 'word' and it's power!!!

You have surely done that with the 'power' of your words for many years, and now by publishing this sensitively and powerfully written's like the cherry on the icing. That does not mean anything more is this case, anything more is always a welcome change from the drab, insensitive world that we so often find ourselves in!!

Keep writing....use words to express yourself...get people thinking and reflecting. You have the POWER!!!

All the best,