Friday, May 04, 2007


Even the most devastating failure shows you a glimpse of success if there was sincerity in the effort.

Yet the first thing we doubt when we face failure is our effort.

In the schizophrenic world inside our head we go through the events that lead us to failure. “Where did I go wrong?” is the question.

Was there a lack of application?

Were you more focused on the end result rather than the individual steps that would take you there?

You cannot even blame external factors because you are not generous enough to give them credit when you succeed.

Question of destiny and fate does not arise as your rational instincts can clearly see who is at fault.

So, the best option is to get up and move ahead with the awareness of all your previous endeavours in your mind, but not fearing failure.


Alexis said...

Very true and well written.

harimohan said...

they say failures are stepping stones to sucesses but when it happens very difficult to have that attitude

Ravi Prasad said...

Blessed are the ones who can address failures with such honesty. I find myself falling back on a hammock of excuses very often when faced with failure.

Varna said...

Failure is what makes it most difficult to move ahead; sometimes because we are all so scared. Scared of being wrong, making a mistake and so on.... and yet if no one ever took a chance the world wouldn't go round would it?

monsoon-dreams said...

true,but sometimes we feel so numb and depressed after a failure especially when its a big failure.and it needs tremendous inner strength and motivation from within as well as others to get up and move ahead.

Anonymous said...

Hey Paresh,

when we do new efforts then we often recall our old successes and than we give due/few credit to fate destiny or whatever we say it.
If one has to live than one has to leave failuire behind and even success behind.
nice to c u in philosophical mood these days


Mushi said...

@Ravi Prasad

Yes my friend blessed are those who accept failure without any problem.

Failures will haunt our lives until our last breath. He/She who takes it into their stride and see the world with a renewed zest very time they fall are the true heroes in life.

Thank you P.P for giving you this article. God Bless.