Saturday, December 01, 2007

Twilight Hour

Tears rolling down your eyes,

Draining the life out of me.

Is it my pain that you share?

Or is it your pent up rage?

A pinch on your cheek with my slender fingers,

Is the only consolation I can give.

A sparkling smile spreads on your lips.

Tears and the smile giving your face the feel of the twilight hour.


Alexis said...

Loved this one...Great...
You should write more often.

Dilip said...

very lovely paresh, fantastic.

harimohan said...

that comes from the soul indeed said...

Thats one of the most heart rending pieces of yours that I have read so far. Its indeed true that u need just a few words to cast a spell...

monsoon-dreams said...

what do i say!am short of words.

silverine said...

That was so touching!!

Langda Tyagi said...

Kaun hai woh ? Bolo Bolo Kaun hai woh ??

Meri Jaaaaaan hai woh :-)

Anonymous said...

wonderful poem, full of emotions and fantastic thing is relationship given in the poem cant be specifically nominated. You have given it universal appeal.

Keep creating more and more. :)


Paresh Palicha said...

AL, Dilip & HM, thanks for the kind words.

MM: Your appreciation means a lot to me.

MD: Aha! I'm happy that I was able to silence you once in our not so long friendship.

Silverine: I'm honored by your visit here, thanks.

LT: "We're just good friends" ha ha I've got nothing tangible to prove otherwise.

RK:Thanks, the most challenging being a writer is to connect with the reader. Your comment proves that I've succeeded. Thanks.

Mushi said...

A beautiful work on Emotion!!

PERIYAR said...

Paresh i wanted to write something. Then on a second thought,i decided to withdraw. The beauty of the poem is the universal appeal as already mentioned

Martin Morgan said...

lovely poetry..

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brenda said...

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Eat Pray Love Journey-Anju Menon said...

Beautiful is an understatement !
Outstanding is the word to be used , if few words Can make an impact !
I am Touched , by the souls cry out to the other ��