Tuesday, February 03, 2009


Craving not for eternal peace

Or even for unconditional love

Just a voice

That gives the joy

Of having lived

A hundred happy lives

Sparkling as a rivulet

Flowing through the verdant hillocks

Giving fullness to a deprived existence


Yet another scribbled gibberish. Heeheeee.


harimohan said...

we understand paresh
voiced to the T

Me said...

Here's to a dearrrrrrrrrr friend, who has inspired me probably a zillion times more than he ever knows!


monsoon-dreams said...

poet!glad to see ur blog being updated often.

SHAH said...

Here its voice from a Dreamer who just woke up..
Voice of a Lover who just realized the Love..
Beats of a Heart which got the Reason to Beat..

A Good one My Friend

kartik krishnan said...

koi isko girlfriend dilaooooooooooooooooo

u need to get laid gattu

Bak Bak said...

KK seems to take his idol too seriously and keeps refering to the same things as him....and sex is definitely topmost on the list.

love the it sir.....

Anonymous said...

Dear Paresh,

The poet in you
Gets better by the day,
Visuals of your thoughts
You give us once in a way....
We do crave for more
How much longer
For another one hey!!
The punishment for being a friend We'll grin and bear, we say!!

Regards and good wishes,

Sapna Anu B.George said...

craving not'...... is good one

Amrita said...

Beautiful poem. Hi Paresh, thanks for the comment on my blog

Nabeel said...

I find the verse, "having lived a hundred happy lives" interesting. Any concept or reincarnation applied here?

Shefali Arvind said...

Oooooooooohhh! The last line is too deep... waiting for someone to complete you.. Ah! Thats what true love is, isn't it?