Saturday, March 21, 2009

AirTel Marketing trying to turn me into a Megalomaniac

I received this Table Calendar in courier from my cellular service provider AirTel. Wish they had just given me few thousand free SMS’ (my lifeline) and a few free calls for my parents to use instead of spending this much money on making this calendar.

PS: A special thanks to my shy friend for helping me to scan this thing.


Ash said...


Anonymous said...

Super! Keep Going! All the best. hcp

Alexis said...

But nice pictures and concept :-)

MM said...

Well, that's the price u gotta pay for being famous!
;) :D

harimohan said...

finally someone put u in the right places

Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh,
Can't agree with you more....I wish you would send your feelings to AIRTEL.

There are other companies too that use the same concept....and my husband got one with some thing equally stupid. As a concept it is nice...but something you want to put on your office table for others to see....BOY!!! needs to be truly a megalomaniac of huge proportions and a rhinocerous hide for a skin!!! However it brings a smile to your face for a moment ....for the comic relief....and that's perhaps the value of it!!!

I wish people would spend money on things that are of value to the extra SMS or talk time by AIRTEL!!

Please thank AIRTEL and let them know your true feelings about their so called marketing venture....not just on this blog...but in newspapers (so others don't make the same silly stuff) and a letter to AIRTEL too....

You have the power of words...use it to good advantage!!