Friday, April 26, 2013

Fruit Stalls in the Gujarati Street

Last evening my sis Smita took me for a round on my wheelchair to the vegetable/fruit market reviving the memories of our younger days when it was a  routine. Initially, I was very shy and conscious of people watching or staring at me, and, her only argument would be "if I'm not bothered why should you be?" Slowly I started enjoying such outings.

As I look back I feel that I've changed a lot since those days, now I'm least bothered about the stares and would even smile at someone who persistently looks at me. Yesterday was fun as hardly anybody realised that I'd a camera with me and that I was taking pictures or video (the video has a steadicam feel to it).

I've got a video recording of around four minutes, will try to upload it after some editing adding background score.


Alexis said...

Nice photographs. Waiting for the video.

Anonymous said...

The visitor who never stalls stalling by. :)

Ash said...

I love the colour of the sky in the last's almost surreal!