Monday, April 22, 2013

Water Wars

With the summer blazing in its full glory water has become an important commodity for me (no I'm not a compulsive water drinking person for obvious reasons), apart from the 'killing' thirst, the fear of the return of Renal Colic, which I fought nearly eight years to get rid of, makes me think and drink more water these days.

Water as such is the flavour of the season with politicians asking the common man if they should be peeing in the dams in order to fill them up...

Then there is this blog, which quotes Nestle's top honcho saying that water is not a human right that I read during the last week.

The other article that I read is by Shekhar Kapur, it talks about the consequences of privatisation of water resources. We may argue that he is just publicising his long awaited film 'Pani', yet it strikes a chord somewhere.

The most striking thing that has appeared about water recently is the series of TV spots done by Bisleri that are meant to scare us from sharing our bottle of water with fellow human beings, it conveys in no mild terms to have your own bottle of Bisleri (500 ML costing Rs. 10 only) if you are thirsty.

I'm under no delusion to believe that we will switch on the reverse gear after making so much progress as the human race and begin to live organically and share natural resources with every living being.

Going at this rate the day isn't far when we will have the choice of buying perfume enriched oxygen in numerous variants or simply die breathless.

Happy Earth Day should we say?

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