Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Hand-Eye Coordination – My Experiments with the Camera

I have admired and envied sports-persons like Virender Sehwag and others who are said to have great hand-eye coordination that helps them bring magical charm to their game. For me let alone hand-eye coordination, my hands most of the time refuse to move on my wish. But, I do try to push myself once in a while I like to try something that feels though at the onset.

Trying to click photos is one of them, like I tried last weekend in the break between watching two films back to back in Saritha Theatre,  it helps the place is wheelchair friendly by default and I can reach all the three screens without being physically carried much.

Da Thadiya - One of the most eagerly awaited X'mas releases

Corridor leading to the theatre

Apart from watching movies, I love to see the pics of forthcoming attractions while being in a theatre

Being pushed to my seat

Seats next to mine

Thanks Slogan Murugan for the idea of taking pictures of my weekly visits to the theatres.


Slogan Murugan said...

Thank you! :)

harimohan said...

Paresh I admire u

pophabhi said...


monsoon dreams said...

i'm soo glad to see u taking pictures,Paresh. And u r improving each day.lucky to have a 'guru' like Gopal.