Sunday, December 16, 2012

Kochi Muziris Biennale/ Fort Kochi

Visited Fort Kochi yesterday afternoon with friends Sendhil, Raju and Raju's brother Nitin to see what Kochi Muziris Biennale is all about. We had been planning this kind of outing for a long while now and it just coincided with the Biennale.

Against the empty walls in the David Hall:

@ David Hall With Sendhil
with Sendhil

@ David Hall with Raju
with Raju

@ David Hall with Sendhil & Raju
It is a black wall for a change

@ David Hall
Books in the background

In the Parade Ground

A fallen tree

On the walkway

with artist Mrida Joshi

This is her website.

With Sendhil

With Raju

These photos are clicked by Raju, Sendhil and Nitin (who refused to face the camera) random order.


Alexis said...

This made me too very happy. It is nice to see that going out and seeing the Biennale. You should go out more. Nice photographs. Take care...

Anonymous said...

Am so happy to see that you mmade it to the view the developing Art festival... Didnt see pictures of you in Aspinwall and Pepper House. Also the picture with the artist blocked out the Art work behind all of you.

But beyond the Art work ... great to see you out there. Do it more often.

Best wishes,

TME said...

Good to see you, Paresh!