Friday, December 07, 2012

It's a tightrope walk

Being aware of your limitations yet not letting them depress you or stop you from doing what you can takes effort.

After the coming of twitter and facebook single line posts have disappeared from blogs, otherwise I remember many popular bloggers posting single line thoughts or recommending something to read many times in a day.

The above thought came to me in the afternoon and as usual I saved it in my phone with the intention of copying in fb and twitter later. Then this idea struck me why not use the blog? I've always felt that a blog deserves respect and it shouldn't be used unless you've something substantial to say. So, I've posted this thought here just to fight my long held notion.

I'd started preparing the background for a longer post about how this thought sprouted and the vague experience behind it. Then said to myself "What the hell...".

Anyway, this has become a long post of respectable length for this blog.


Ash said...

I'm glad you blogged this post. I'm not on facebook or twitter!

Alexis said...

Nice thoughts. Why don't you post what you post on fb and twitter here to. I also do not use fb or twitter.

Anonymous said...

same thoughts Paresh. Would love reading even one-liners on your blogs...