Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Clicking the rains

Grass is always greener on the other side this saying can't be truer for anyone other than me. Much before I trained my mind to be a writer I had wished to be an artist or a cartoonist (beside a cricketer, tennis player etc.), I was amazed by people who effortlessly created images or drawings on paper and thought it was easy. And, my Ma being what she is, always provided enough crayons, sketch pens, water colours and books. She even drew outlines of flowers, animals, birds and human forms for me to paint in. but, slowly I realised that my crooked limbs weren't taking me anywhere, those hobbies got shelved.

I'd the same feeling for photography, it looked so easy (especially when I struggled with words and took strain to write), .just hold the camera and click. But, it was out of bounds for me as it was an expensive hobby, so, even if I got to see through the viewfinder sometimes, the privilege came with strict warning 'don't touch anywhere, the film will go waste'.

As the digital age began to democratise photography, my wish to be a chhota Raghu Rai took wings, seeing my friends easily using 'point & click' cameras. Still, I was very sceptical to try it as I thought the excitement would wear off once the physical effort became daunting, yet the slimy little 'should try it' worm kept crawling inside and here I am making an effort.

These are few snaps of rains taken in the last few days:

This collection happened with the encouragement of two proficient photographer friends Harish and MD.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Moments before the Twilight

Today (Tuesday, 7th June), the sun shone in its full glory in the Kochi skies after being hidden behind the monsoon clouds for nearly a fortnight. Though I like rains I associate it more with the havoc it wrecks in Pather Panchali than the romance depicted in other films, as it always adversely effects my health and makes me gloomy in a way.

After returning from the office in the evening I found the sunlight still filtering through the foliage and I tried to capture it for posterity. The frames are tilted and some seem to be out of focus that is because my limbs and fingers (and most of my other body parts, hehehe) have a mind of their own and most of the times refuse to take orders from my brain.

This thing (photography) leaves a taste of dissatisfaction on the one hand (as I can't achieve the desired perfection) and thrills on the other as it was something on the long 'Paresh can't do' list till a few months back.