Friday, April 26, 2013

Fruit Stalls in the Gujarati Street

Last evening my sis Smita took me for a round on my wheelchair to the vegetable/fruit market reviving the memories of our younger days when it was a  routine. Initially, I was very shy and conscious of people watching or staring at me, and, her only argument would be "if I'm not bothered why should you be?" Slowly I started enjoying such outings.

As I look back I feel that I've changed a lot since those days, now I'm least bothered about the stares and would even smile at someone who persistently looks at me. Yesterday was fun as hardly anybody realised that I'd a camera with me and that I was taking pictures or video (the video has a steadicam feel to it).

I've got a video recording of around four minutes, will try to upload it after some editing adding background score.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Water Wars

With the summer blazing in its full glory water has become an important commodity for me (no I'm not a compulsive water drinking person for obvious reasons), apart from the 'killing' thirst, the fear of the return of Renal Colic, which I fought nearly eight years to get rid of, makes me think and drink more water these days.

Water as such is the flavour of the season with politicians asking the common man if they should be peeing in the dams in order to fill them up...

Then there is this blog, which quotes Nestle's top honcho saying that water is not a human right that I read during the last week.

The other article that I read is by Shekhar Kapur, it talks about the consequences of privatisation of water resources. We may argue that he is just publicising his long awaited film 'Pani', yet it strikes a chord somewhere.

The most striking thing that has appeared about water recently is the series of TV spots done by Bisleri that are meant to scare us from sharing our bottle of water with fellow human beings, it conveys in no mild terms to have your own bottle of Bisleri (500 ML costing Rs. 10 only) if you are thirsty.

I'm under no delusion to believe that we will switch on the reverse gear after making so much progress as the human race and begin to live organically and share natural resources with every living being.

Going at this rate the day isn't far when we will have the choice of buying perfume enriched oxygen in numerous variants or simply die breathless.

Happy Earth Day should we say?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Evening Walk with Mr. Prabhu

This is Mr. Prabhu, my nonagenarian neighbour who walks for 45 minutes to 1 hour daily evening. Everyday I hear the sound of his slippers while catching the news of the day on TV. Yesterday, after returning from work, I waited for him with my camera and tripod ready to click a few pictures of his. He asked me what was I doing outside and happily posed for me when I told him I was taking pictures.

This is Srikanth from the next lane who gave Mr. Prabhu company for few minute. I felt he was unexpected bonus for me.

I was humming the Alive is Awesome jingle of the Cinthol product range and felt that these two persons somehow gave real meaning to those words.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sun Bathing mangoes & a pair of shoes

Drying mangoes in the sun and making pickles is an annual ritual with Ma. You'll find mangoes of numerous variety cut, diced and even scraped all around the house during the summer. The fragrance of mangoes marked the beginning of the long holidays in childhood and tasting a few pieces without anyone noticing was a fun activity. Paradise Pickles & Preserves anyone? :-P

Sunday, April 07, 2013

I wished to hold on to you

I wished to hold on to you a little longer

and caress your cheeks

I wished to hold on to you a little longer

to tell you everything, good and bad,

that happened to me after you left

I wished to hold on to you a little longer

and look into your eyes to see if I still

existed there as a happy memory.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Grandpa's Clock

One of the few old clocks in my antiquated house. I got a kerosene lamp hanging nearby in the frame as a bonus.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Click for a click will make the world go...

Chandrakanth clicked me

I reciprocated
He wanted my happy face but it became horror
Surprisingly he isn't scared
Pappa trying to click us together
& does a good job, even though I blink 
I'd first read about Chandrakanth here. Then after a few days saw him on TV; immediately I searched for him on FB & requested him to make a tripod that could be fitted on my wheelchair. He obliged & here I am.