Thursday, May 31, 2012

It just happened!

Hell is when you have lost control of simple things in life (this is not a philosophical musing, I'm talking about physical/tangible things, which we tend take for granted otherwise). And, you keep wondering what hit you... The only rational explanation you may have is 'It just happened'.

Lately I've realised that my conscious mind is reluctant to register my limitations as it has got used living in my body and considers it as normal, it doesn't warn me that something is beyond my capabilities with the possibility of me failing miserably (though in my subconscious mind I'm perennially depressed at the prospect of not being able achieve something that appears to be very simple).

Recently I read somewhere that fate or luck per se is just an assumption; if you accomplish something that you ventured out to achieve it is called luck and if you fail it was your fate. There is a very thin line between the two.

So, again we come round to the question of dissecting the effort and check if 'It just happened' was real or an excuse?