Saturday, December 24, 2011

Slender Fingers and a Shaving Blade

Holding a pen and jotting down the words
maybe the most divine thing
that slender fingers can do.

Or is it the strumming of a guitar?

But, sometimes they fail in doing
a mundane task as holding
a weightless ordinary shaving blade...
And, cut the bulging vien.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

One more attempt in fiction

Full of possibilities....

He was literate according to the official statistics because he could write his name in his mother tongue and even in English using Capital letters. This was a thing to be proud of when you know that there are millions around you who used thumb impression wherever their signature was required. And, he took small pride in it. Economically too he had brought his immediate family a few notches higher than the people of his group, sending his three children to school and college, earning and investing in enough so that the children would inherit his legacy in equal proportion without any major disputes. His calculations for life and thereafter would have made any Chartered Accountant unashamedly become his disciple.