Saturday, July 23, 2011

Goodbye the Old, Welcome the New

Recently I crossed the 38th year on the earth and stepped into the 39th. At that point, there wasn’t much excitement as the saying goes it was just another day, except for the fact that I got the biggest gift of my life; a brand new laptop:

The old one had served me for nearly six hassle-free years, which were the most fruitful and adventurous as things I couldn’t have imagined in wildest dreams happened. So, I’d feared it would be difficult for me to part with it. But, thankfully sentimentalism hasn’t dealt with me badly and I’ve started using the new one with a vengeance.

Though I may have reached the threshold of the 40s I still feel there is still the short pant wearing child thinking: Someday I’ll grow up and be independent.

A teenager who thinks: Someday I’ll write beautifully and be less lonely and miserable.

And, there is even a person much mature beyond my age just observing things go by with equanimity.

Me happy, as of now juggling the three (or are there more? No idea) inside.

(The snap of the old laptop below was taken by friend Raju).

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mundane captures

Riyaz waiting to take me to work

Ma keeping my lunch bag braving the rain