Sunday, May 20, 2007

Opportunity Strikes Once

Opportunity strikes only once.

Leaving you as a mere spectator as it passes by.

Disasters visit you daily.

Seeking your full involvement.

Leaving you drained.


monsoon dreams said...

great thought,paresh.keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Dear Paresh,
Perhaps you wrote this when you did let opportunities pass seem to be more proactive nowadays...just voicing your thoughts in the public domain is itself seizing opportunities to express yourself!!! CONGRATS!!!

It is important to remember that you live only once, unless of course if you are a cat!! or James Bond!!!)... and so it is very important to do what you want/wish to do...One needs to stop living "only" for others or to please others....In the long run one can never please anyone totally, so why bother?? You also have the pleasure and joy of experiencing what you want to....As long as one does not delibrately hurt another, this ideology is perfectly okay. One should never live with regrets!!!

So smile and seize every opportunity...even the ones with gossammer wings that try to slip through your fingers....


Anonymous said...

Dear Paresh,
nicely written thoughts and that too in so short.

But seriusly its difficult to make a prototype in life that opportunity/opportunities strike only once.
Real life tells that they may strike again and again for some people. There luck comes in picture.

Keep up these shorties!


Movie Mazaa said...

Wrote something after avery very long time today!! :)

Hope u r doing good my dearest pal!

And yes, I think I know exactly what u r talking abt here..

Gud day!

Sadasiv Swain said...

I'm never a lover of poetry but liked yours(both the poems) as I could undwestand it. Hope you don't write abstract ones in future when you gain a stature as a poet.