Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Stroll

Wish I could take a stroll alone

Mindful of not harming the wet grass below my soft feet

Unmindful of a spontaneous tear dropping from the eye

Ruminating on the words of a Gibran or a Ghalib

Today I understood that an overdose of happiness can also disturb the Buddhist equilibrium of the accepted state of physical being.


Dilip Muralidaran said...

too much happiness is bad for a good state of mental well being with it disappears all of a sudden. this is why im scared of the good times :-)

Movie Mazaa said...

Lovely lines, Paresh!

And pray, what caused that overdose of happiness? And whatever it be, am happy for u!!

Alexis said...

Nice poem...
Short but sweet...
Excessive happiness is good...Forget about Buddhist equilibrium :-)

Sandeep said...

Short is beautiful...

Happiness is at times a rare commodity. Getting it is more important than quantity.

monsoon dreams said...

hi paresh,
wonderful lines!overdose of happiness is sometimes required to neutralise the overdose of,dont be sad that u are happy!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh

Simply beautiful poem. Reminded me one of the poem by W Blake.

Write many and more such poems!



Anonymous said...

Now I feel an overdose of happiness when I read this, when I know that happiness is so much with you. Don't be scared to be happy, thinking that it will not last. The important thing is to enjoy it while it lasts, howsoever small or big the period. Tomorrow is another day!!!

harimohan said...

dear paresh
well written short poem that speaks volumes ,
enjoy every bit of happiness as it comes for we cant enjoy sadness can we ?
praying for more such hapiness spells for you

monsoon dreams said...

pareshhhhh :-(

Vinod Varghese Antony said...