Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Sad Smile

A Sad Smile
Pleading for mercy
that was hard to come by

A Sad Smile
That extinguished the dew of love
from your lips

A Sad Smile
Memory of which
fills me with guilt and remorse


Dilip Muralidaran said...

i like it paresh, nice :)

rauf said...

Thanks Paresh
Comes from your heart

Sadness is a heavy suitcase, with a lot of junk. You can drop it if you want and be light.

salil chaturvedi said...

The sad smile has touched me, too. I feel a bit of the sadness and I feel a bit of the smile at the same time.

monsoon dreams said...

dont be sad,paresh.listen to rauf's advice,drop the junk suitcase(not on someone's head),be happy:-)

Joselin John said...

Never underestimate yourself Paresh. It's very good.

Sandeep said...

A Sadist indeed... some light on sad shadows...

harimohan said...

your sadness is well depicted but i wish and pray you get away from that

Unknown said...

hi, why all this sadness stuff...its time to rejoice we shall be seeing each other so many years yaar!!! anyways on a serious note i did not follow the poem ...can u make it a little simpler...ha,ha,ha

Anonymous said...

Sending just tons of love and tons of hugs your way that would make that grief or what's left of it, merge away into the sunshine out there..

:D :)