Wednesday, January 13, 2010


An effort to write fiction... Very rough edged... Posting the beginning just to keep this blog active in the new year...

Today is our thirteenth wedding anniversary. The thought left me numb the whole day, making me physically and mentally inert. I kept wondering whether she remembered or had forgotten, leading a blissful life with her new husband. Though it didn’t hurt as it did a couple of years ago; I had never imagined that we’d end up like this.

The unscheduled call from Priya was reassuring, as usual she just asked: ‘how are you Appa?’ her speech was so clear that I couldn’t imagine her face while listening to her. Maybe, I felt like that because her mother had remembered that it was an important day in our lives, which made me very happy. Even otherwise, I always look for improvements in Priya, however small they are.


nilu said...

Go on Paresh, what are you waiting for ? It has all the ingredients.

I am waiting for the finale

Moi said...

Anything... Repeat... Anything that rolls out of your keypad is worth a read, believe me. So when do we get to read the rest??


TME said...

Where can I read the rest of it?

Paresh Palicha said...

@TME, thanks. I am still working on it. I doubt whether I'll put it on here; just wanted to gauge the reaction of friends like you.Wish to compile my fiction writing in a book form in some distant future.

This is just an exercise to reach publishable standards. :-)