Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What the future holds...

The trend of posting inspirational pictures and quotes on Facebook (it was email forwards and text messages before that, it still continues in a small way) and other social networking sites help most of the times, but, sometimes they give a ticklish feeling when we see how frivolously the term 'positive attitude' and the word 'hope' are used. These terms are powerful in their own right.

I feel most of the times the attitude to change things or hope for better times is already there in the mind. And, most of the times in our mind we are already working on the things want or how our future takes shape, however negative or depressed we maybe feeling or look to the world. The intrinsic value such positive terms is already in the psyche.

I had thought of writing this post after coming across one really mushy message of how things will turnaround once you have hope or positive attitude. But, we all have it somewhere inside us, whatever the world may make out of us. What the future holds depends how you think or work (being cheery or gung-ho outwardly is of little or no consequence).

PS: I'm not against reading such messages talking about hope and positive attitude, I even share most of them. It is just sometimes that you get ticklish when the writing goes overboard.

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Ash said...

"But, we all have it somewhere inside us, whatever the world may make out of us"

Perfect. You couldn't have said it better! Interesting post and I fully agree with you. There's a fine line between positive and downright sappy!