Monday, March 31, 2008

Can he write?

“Can he write?” is the question my parents and others very close to me have had to deal with since the day my writing aspirations started trickling into the public domain.

The first instance I remember is of the Special School I’d joined in my mid teens. Those days the physio mat and the Principal’s table were in the same room. I was kneeling holding the walking bar behind her and could hear her talking to some prospective donor about me: “he is very intelligent, we’re preparing him to appear for SSLC in a year or two. We’ll seek a scribe who’d understand his speech or provide him with a typewriter. He writes well and a small typewriter would do him good”. But the donor’s question may have stumped her: “does he understand the concept of ABCD?” I don’t remember how the conversation ended as in my mind I’d started laughing thinking of the futility of my beloved teacher’s efforts.

Such instances have kept happening thereafter. Sometime they are hurtful and humiliating. But most of the times they’re fun; like once (in pre-internet days) I’d written in a review that a topless shot of the hero and the heroine was there just for titillation and signified nothing in the context of the story. I was mischievously asked how I know what that scene meant and I bluntly said it meant that they were #@%$ing.

It is more fun when I show my efforts in fiction writing to my friends; how do you know that a cigarette would burnout if not used quickly enough? Or how do I know what happens on the first night of the marriage? The reply I itch to give is; “I peeped into your bedroom on your first night”. But that would be gross.

Such anecdotes can fill a chapter in my autobiography (if ever I wish to write one).

If you’re wondering why this sudden hyperbolic rant; nothing serious, I just read a sweet story about a ten year old spastic girl Jemma Leech winning a prestigious essay competition in the Houston Chronicle

PS. I thank everyone who appreciated, contacted and praised me after reading this. I must tell you that I’m not a role model material. If you really need a role model, please chase Alexis Leon, it is his indirect influence that writer Paresh exists.

And, for you doubting Toms: “Hey man/lady, life may not have given me the capability to experience everything. But, God/Nature has not deprived me of the faculty to observe and understand anything. So, I’m fit enough to write about anything.


monsoon dreams said...

my role model, :-)
wow!!congrats!!like always,not even a word more than what is needed to convey what u want to say.
how foolish are the people who ask such questions!do writers need to experience something to write about it?then what about the jurassic park,the time machine,the invisible man ...etc?
paresh,if somebody says that you are a role model,just accept are too modest,dear.

harimohan said...

dear paresh
an insiders view ,prejudice at face value is human weakness ,we assume by preconception ,how wrong most of us are ? but to take it in the spirit you have lies the greatness ,am waiting for that day when you get the booker and nothing less .

josh said...

Your 'thoughts' invite me lovingly into your world. Never mind the questions from people. Write on!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahhahahhaaaaa.......Paresh....finally get to see the fire you have the potential to spew. Loved reading the piece. Keep me posted whenever you write.............

Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh,
my Friend, you are both writer and fighter which is not so common combination to find.
You know what and how to describe in proper words and you are not a person who could give up before difficulties.
Your words are powerful and significant. I hope and wish to read your book in near future.
Take care

Sandeep said...

I have been known you for years now and probably I also had the same thought.

You have proved false every single being, who thought about you in this say - you are a fighter more than a writer.

This shayari does not hold true for you... because you have gone much beyond...

umr-e-daraaz maang ker laye the chaar din,
do arzoo main kat gaye, do intezar main

Anonymous said...

Please do write your autobiography. I would like to know how we 'normal' people treat the spastics around us. Your experiences may help many other spastics some day. Your bravery is truly commendable.

Anonymous said...

Good iteligent Smart Writer. Flexing the Words well & knows how to Grasp the reader. Keep up the Good work. You are inspiration for many.hcp

Alexis said...

Nice post. I agree with you regarding the writing part. May be the people who asks the question have not heard about imagination.

If one can only write about the topics and subjects the he has seen and experienced, then many great book would never have been written.

Nice to know that you are not affected by the cynicism and am glad that you still have that wonderful sense of humor intact.

I disagree with the role model part. You are definitely a role model. Your achievements are truly remarkable and the challenges you have overcome and the way you have done that is simply amazing. You are my role model.

Anonymous said...

"Can he write??? !!!!"

Boy!! if only people could go into this mind!!!

Paresh, keep writing and educating the rest of the world.

All the best.

Unknown said...

I just wanna say, I am waiting...