Thursday, April 10, 2008


Chasing a mirage called love

On the tarred highway of life

With the sun roasting your flesh beneath the skin

Telling you that it is just a reflection of the insatiable fire

That is consuming you bit by bit.


Anonymous said...

Poetic Words with Good rythm. hcp

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents :-)

Agar pata hota ki ishq mein itna dard hota hai,
toh thoda aur ishq kartey tumhey.

Phir Jab Dard hi dard ki dawa ban jaata
toh bhool key bhi yaad na kartey tumhey.

monsoon dreams said...

i know there is more to it than meets the eye.glad that u updated ur blog.keep writing, CAN!

Anonymous said...

Hi Paresh

Very nice and heart touching lines.......

Anonymous said...

Paresh ,
Very nice poem.

love life (like overall life), too has got all the phases found in the weather/nature. It has its own spring, summer, rainy and winter time.

Keep them (poems) coming.

take care

Anonymous said...

Lovely words... sometimes life is better without love though. Much better.

Anonymous said...

Thats what I call profound!! Sorry for being late, but here I am!

And ofcourse, Vishu Aashamsakal to you, papa and amma!

NB: BTW, whats the fire all about?? ;)

Sandeep said...

जब दर्द नहीं था सीने में,
तब खाक़ मज़ा था जीने में,
अब के शायद हम भी रोए,
सावन के महीने में.

Paarthan said...

How true...Love is indeed a mirage. U go for it and when u feel tht u r getting closer, u realise the fact tht it never existed. Don't have anything more to say. Love hurts.

Reshmi said...

Hi Paresh,

Thank you so much first of all for visiting my blog... and what can I say after visiting yours...shall I choose the word "phenomenal"..well..that is the word that struck me when I read your blog..